Friday, April 29, 2011

Connect With Craig | craigconnects

Connect With Craig | craigconnectsYeah, I know we're nobody yet. We're still just a gleam in our daddy's eye. Just remember when you see our name we wrote you first. Love your stuff. Keep up the fight. Check us out . A little plug once we get going would be nice. I know I'm showing a lot of chutzpah here, but I've had a long day so sue me

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Humboldt Homeless Handout: letter to Sacramento's "Street Roots"

Humboldt Homeless Handout: letter to Sacramento's "Street Roots": "Tuesday, February 22, 2011
letter to Sacramento's 'Street Roots'
I recently went to work here volunteering at the free dining facility on Third in Eureka. I have run across your paper looking for information on free camping for the homeless. The reason I'm writing is tha I had an idea We could get similar papers from other markets and open a homeless news stand. This would be a way to gain visibility for the homeless problem. And whoever is going to fight us on this and everything else because we all know ' You can't do anything for these people' might as well start here. There is a small square in the bohemian part of town where they offer carriage rides and during the day an attractive young lady sets upsome small tables of jewlry similar to the way they do it on Telegraph Avenue in Berkekey. We could set up a chair in the opposite corner. You never know till you try, and then you go from there. You guys are doing a great job. What you're is important. That which you do the least of you you do for a higher power. Keep the faith"