Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well, well, well, I'm at the library with no internet access. What's a homeless person to do? I'm not going to let it ruin my mood. There are plenty of other things to do that. Let me count the ways. I know Ive often gotten down on myself in my writings. It just sounds so interesting to me. Yeah, let's get down. Let's tear him limb from limb. Isn't that what you want? Isn't that what I learned at my daddy's knee?
So here I am. I feel so much better. Or do I? Do I care? Moving on. Let's not get boring here. I know. Let's talk about God. God? That's right, God. First of all I don't even know if God exists, and I got really bored even thinking about it about thirty years ago. But let's say God exists. It just works for me. I like to imagine things, and I can't stop myself from doing it. I've done it since I was little. Believing in God just works for me. It's something to think about. I think it's a good influence on me. I'm just now realizing the spiritual component of good mental health. Now, there are some things about believing in God that are not good. A good portion of the evil in the world is done in the name of God. Atheists are made by people who are really bad at convincing people to believe in God. Atheists weren't born atheists. They were made. Someone told them about God. Some how they got the wrong idea. I'm not saying that they're wrong. They might be right. Like I said, "I get bored talking about it." Anyway, people who are really bad at talking about God accomplish just opposite of what they intended.
So what am I? Am I trying to turn people on about God? Am I preaching? Am I getting a little full of myself? Does writing things down tend to do that to me? Being humble is not my strong suit. See? Believing in God helps me with that.
I just like thinking about it. If I think about it it's only natural that I write about it.

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