Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Once more with Feeling

Here I am again. Every entry has to start the same old way- "Lookee here! Never done this before!" It's all about getting the energy up. I have to get on a roll. It's time for the old manic episode to start. Let's see some inspiration. Maybe there is no inspiration today. Been there. Done that. Time for something new. I have to go to a new level. I have to find something I've never found before. Is this hopeless or what? Face it. I've had a good run, and now it's done. I can't keep churning out the same old thing day after day. I am a man of limited capabilities. Nothing I'm able to do is worth doing. Nothing I want to do am I able to do. It makes for a rough life. It's called having a disability. It's funny how I used to think it was an advantage. I probably will again one of these days, maybe even later this hour. Really I'm just tryin' to get down. I want to start a new cycle. The phoenix must land. The rally must end. I have to turn on myself. I have to tear myself apart. I have to destroy every part of me. Then I will be new again. Out with the old. I have to have a psychotic break. There needs to be fertilizer. It's the cycle of life.

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