Monday, January 10, 2011

Eventually, Politics

Well, I did it again. Hit the wrong key and lost it all. And it was so good. It's the one that got away. So here I am starting over. I was writing about using this forum to see what was on my mind. Then I remarked about how it was all about me. That's when the boom hit. When I'm out by the river looking up at the rock faces I'm able to see that there is a higher priority than myself. Looking at this computer screen, however, doesn't give me the same feeling. Here I feel the need to describe what is going on with me. To every thing there is a season. There's a problem in determining what is important enough to mention. How can I tell if something is boring or not? I guess this is where editing would come it. Really, I'm trying to self edit before I even write it down. I don't see it working real well. The whole thing strikes me as a losing proposition. So I'm back to doing what I'm really good at, getting down on myself. It's good for filling in the gaps.
Basically I'm using this as a diary. I know I've said that before. Diaries can be so boring. Let's see how fast we can recount the past. I stayed home Saturday thinking that I wanted to see the football playoffs. I didn't, but I do remember having a manic episode where I came up with lots and lots ideas for things to do. If I'm able to accomplish even one I should consider myself as having beat the odds. Yesterday morning I watched Dick Army say how the Arizona shooting was a problem for psychologists not sociologists. Expecting an extreme right winger to do anything but deny any and all responsibility would be like expecting Hitler to have a change of heart. To me it all goes back to Reagan. I realize that the guy did have a first rate temperament, but what really wowed the right was his ability to be downright mean in the slimiest way possible. Homelessness wasn't a problem until Reagan had his way. And he had the ability to say really mean things and get away with it. Now I realize the equation has to be massaged both ways. I also realize the worse a conservative acts the faster real change will come. It's nasty that it has to be that way, but that's the way it is. Then we had Newt Gingrich. Democrats had held the house for forty years, and that just wasn't healthy. You can blame the left for not being aggressive enough and therefore never having to face defeat. You can blame the public for getting strung out on hand outs. You can blame the democrats for handing them out. You can blame the Republicans for refusing to budge to the left and become competitive. I haven't studied it enough to know what other people think. Anyway it became legitimate for Gingrich and the right to get really nasty. The system had lost its balance, and they had a right to have it restored. They were the only ones to come up with a workable plan to do so. Just because it entailed poisoning the public debate didn't make it illegitimate. So the left wing once again has reaped what it sowed. What should have been done I have no idea. It's the world. It is the way it is. You can't change the world. The world is going to be the world. I just think we are really lucky to have Obama. I love this guy. I love everything about him. So that's pretty much the way it is. I've run out of energy, so I'll just stop in the middle of everything. It's my perogative. I can do anything I want. It's my party, and I'll go home when I want to.

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