Friday, December 31, 2010

A cold day in hell

Okay, I'm freezing my fingers and toes off. Once I get cold it seems impossible for me to get warmed up again. I've had lots of thoughts that I wanted to record over the past couple of days, but now that I have the opportunity I draw a blank. I suppose I need to keep notes. I need to do lots of things. First of all I need to be a better person. I thought I might give $20 to a guy that gives out free cigarettes this morning but he wasn't there this morning. I think about the things I could do with a roll of plastic, tents,raincoats and sleeping bags, etc. I could use lathes for poles and stakes. I still haven't decided what to use for cord. Also I' m thinking about what I use with cheap chain and padlocks to give homeless some way to keep valuables safe. I could pitch a tent in one of the places I've found and then lead a homeless person to it. Every morning I get off the bus at 4th & D and walk down to the showers and hang out. It was so cold this morning I didn't stay long. It's new years eve. I deserve a break. Then I go to the shelter next to the mission and hang out. That's where I thought I was going to see the guy that was giving out free cigarettes. It's hard to be nice without encouraging them to loiter. Maybe that's enough for today.

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