Saturday, June 23, 2007

Haven't been here for three days, so I'm here out of guilt. What's the most important thing for me to be thinking about right now? Whatever it is I'm not thinking about it. I'm just moving through time. I'm just being the person I think that I'm suppose to be. Really what I'm thinking back to is the fact that I didn't write anything down here for two days almost on purpose. I wanted to get the disappointment taken care of early. Look at me sitting here in the early morning like a real writer. Submit your own joke here. Really I guess that I've met with as much success with writing as I have with anything else which is absolutely nothing. Okay, here's the part where I start tearing myself apart. The words come so easy and feel so good when I say them. It makes it hard to know reality.

What do I write about if I don't use my sense of reality? I have a sense of reality. I just don't trust it a whole lot. It's good enough to use to write with. What difference does it make anyway. It's possible that a good sense of reality is a hindrance to good writing. Genius and insanity do seem to go together at least to me.

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