Monday, June 25, 2007

Writing to be writing again

I'm bored. Maybe if I do this for a while at least I'll get better at it. What else have I got to do? Watch tv? Sit and think? You see I'm destroyig myself like I always do, dicotomous thinking. It keeps me bummping up against reality first one way and then the other. It's out there. I just have to keep looking for it.

I have to write things down just to be doing it. It's become a compulsion. Should make for good reading, huh? Oh well, there is always editing. At what point does a word get erased? It is created. It lives. Then it dies. What kind of life is has depends on the other words than surround it. It only lives as long as it has context.

Words become famous. They dominate other words. There's the bible, the legal code and the list of best books of all time. Words struggle. Sometimes they become discredited. Sometimes they just become irrelevant.

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