Saturday, June 30, 2007

Something about Something

There are many different ways of living well. One way is to be rich. Rich is a political term. It didn't used to be. Or did it? Are the rich a drain on or benefit to those around them? Are they a necessary evil? Without the rich we'd still be living in caves. The rich get rich by being useful. Or they used to.

All this is about envy. They're rich, and I'm not. They have a good life, or so I think so. I want to know the good life. To do that wouldn't I have to know what the good life is? If you know it when you got it I must not have it. How important is knowing? Don't knock what you don't know. Maybe I'm living the good life and don't know it. I know I'm not rich. I'd like to be useful. I want it more than anything. It's easy to want.

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